The Zouave II Reviews Are In!

The following reviews of Zouave I have appeared in major wargaming publications and blogs:

“Bob’s goal was to design an easy-to-play, fun, and fast rules set that covered larger units such as divisions and armies. While based loosely on the Piquet system, Repique: Zouave has its own unique mechanisms and resulting strategies. Bob has more than succeeded in his quest to give the gamer a solid feeling for the command and control nuances of a Civil War army, as well as large unit combat, without getting too bogged down in tactics and endless charts and tables. Zouave is a well-written, interesting rules system which promises to become very popular at major conventions in the years to come once game masters become familiar with the new product.”

Scott Mingus (Former editor of Zouave Magazine)-Charge Blog! See:

“Truly, Repique: Zouave offers very original mechanisms coupled with remarkable playability. The historical aspects have been well realized…
We liked the distinction between the command and action points, mechanisms that are simple but ingenious, and the well realized history.” (Translated from the French)

Jean-Phillppe Imbach- Vae Victis issue #93 (July-August) See:

“In a sincere gesture, I am going to say that Bob Jones is an impressively good game designer. This is not a talent many people have, and while some may have proven strengths in historical knowledge, the ability to come up with innovative mechanisms, balance and a challenging game system is just as important. Otherwise we know what happens…

Bob has created a game that delivers that desirable tension, where you always want to do more than you can. This approach forces decisions in the midst of a fast moving battle and, as a game experience, Zouave is up there with the best.”