What’s in The Zouave II Rule Book?

  • Foreword by Jim Getz , co-author of the Empire series.
  • Complete Designer Notes-The design goals, and the whys and wherefores, plus suggestions for playing the game well.
  • An Example of Play that keys into an innovative FAQ style index to the main rules.
  • A core set of grand-tactical rules with new command procedures covering everything from game tools needed to village fighting-even engineering works!
  • The Inclusion of the new Command Rondel tool printed in full color on heavy card. This new tool allows a new way to portray the linkage between army command and unit tactics.
  • An ACW Rule Template with bibliography
  • An 1866 Rule Template with bibliography
  • A Franco-Prussian Rule Template with bibliography
  • A Maximilian Rule Template with bibliography This includes a more tactical troop and ground scale for smaller battles.
  • A general annotated bibliography and multi-media resource list of current and readily available information on the 1861-1871 era.
  • A suggested approach and detailed table on how to use 6, 10, 15, 20mm and 28mm. figures with Zouave - including mounting recommendations.
  • Player aid sheets and an Army Quality Record are included in the text that may be photocopied-Only four SIMPLE tables are used in playing the game.

Zouave II