Fun to play. Easy to Learn. Very Unique! The First True Multimedia Rule Set!
Die Fighting II is a tactical wargame rule set designed for all figure scales, but with a special focus on 15mm to 28mm figures. Twelve to fifty, or more, units on a side may be used in a game.

Die Fighting II offers quick and exciting play, but is much more than that!

Die Fighting II may be used with any stand or unit mounting system-it is a unit based game. No remounting!

Die Fighting II is one of the first wargames to provide totally integrated movement, combat, and rally mechanisms, and there’s a firm conclusion to every game.

Die Fighting II is unique in the way it provides a very fun small group gaming experience, but will be easily used at conventions both as a stand-alone game and in tournament play. Its scalability for many gamers is one of its best characteristics.

Die Fighting II is easily learned, even by novices, and requires no special gaming tools, just a measuring tool, a variety of multi-colored D6 dice, the figures and terrain! The new multimedia approach using a one hour video, slide shows, and printable PDFs is unique. It is, above all, a challenging game with many decision points for the gamer that enjoys a test of skill.

Die Fighting II has been developed and play tested for nearly four years since the original publication of of Die Fighting in mid-2011 , and has been greatly enjoyed by all who have had the opportunity to play this novel and innovative design.

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