The original Die Fighting has been reviewed by several reviewers at this point, here are the reviews:

“While the dice system steals the show, it will be no surprise to know there is still an underlying card system. I think this is the best and most flexible that Mr Jones has yet designed (and he knows his cards). I like to feel there was some Eureka! moment in the Jones hip bath…
The DF  rules allow for several different types of command card sequencing, all of which make perfect sense and can convey a different feel to each army. Further, each side can use a different sequencing method which with leader asymmetry allows, say, one army to move quickly and efficiently, while the other plods. In short, there are synchronous, asynchronous, fixed and variable card drivers. Yes, indeed. There are other fiendish tweaks such as the sequence reversing mid stream, which keeps you on your toes. This is all good stuff and has cost me 186 minutes on my phone bill discussing the options and possibilities.

Mike Siggins-Game Reviewer- Battle Games Magazine Issue 26, Page 39. Excerpt from longer article.

“ I commend Bob Jones for designing these very flexible and simple-to-learn rules. Die Fighting! is a highly flexible gaming system that is easily adaptable to a myriad of wars using period-specific templates included in the rules book. They certainly are “unique and innovative,” as the book’s subtitle purports. “Fast paced and exciting tactical battles” — indeed!

Stock up on red dice! ”

- Scott Mingus, - ACW Historian and Author, formerly editor of Zouave magazine. From the “Charge” Blog, dated March 12, 2011.

In summary, the mechanisms of Die Fighting! Are very original, fun, and simple once the general idea is understood. However, we must accept the role of chance and not be opposed to using a lot of D6s to say the least!”
-Jean Phillipe Imbach- Vae Victus 98, page 57-58

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The Reviews of Die Fighting II will be posted as soon as they are available.

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